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July 2007


Why I’m Proud of my Family

I have always considered myself a very, very lucky man. 

  • I’m lucky to have parents who could and did send me to college.
  • I’m lucky to have found a career that I loved – computers
  • I’m lucky to have many, many wonderful friends that have always been there for me.
  • I’m luck to have a great family – one brother and three great sisters!

Here’s why I’m proud of my siblings:

    1. My brother Jack is such an honorable person.  After getting his degree from UCSD, he continued his education and received his Master Degree.  After working in the accounting department of a local firm he decided that he wanted to have his CPA.  This isn’t easy!  You must study hard and then intern.  Eventually he achieved his goal and then started his own company.  After marrying his college sweet-heart, he gave my parents their first grand-child and continued the John Warner Briscoe line with John Warner Briscoe IV!   In addition to all this, he followed his love for politics and has been an active member of his city's regulatory boards for many years.  He has been awarded many awards (too many to be mentioned here).  But, this wasn’t enough.  So he expanded his family by adding a wonderful girl named Nicole.  He has a wonderful life with many friends that love him and a wonderful family that loves and admires him.  I am so proud of him.
    2. My eldest sister, Sandy, has raised a wonderful family of four.  But, like other Briscoe’s, this wasn’t enough.  She decided she could give even more and so, she entered nursing school.  Like my brother, this is not an easy goal to accomplish.  But she persevered!  After receiving her RN, again she chose the path chosen by the few.  Hospice!  People that work in a hospice must have the strongest hearts of all RNs.  It almost seems impossible.  To have a job were you know all you can do is to help your patients ‘pass’ as well as possible!  I am so proud of her.
    3. My middle sister Terry has also achieved so very much.  A great Mom, raising two fantastic kids.  Supporting her great husband.  This would be enough for most people.  But not Terry.  She became active in her kids school.  She also created and has expanded a charitable organization that has attracted more than 500 members.  All local students that want to give back to their community. I am so proud of her.
    4. Last, but not least, is my youngest sister, Kathy.  Kathy was always the ‘most thoughtful’ of my siblings.  Also ‘the sweetest’ and ‘kindest’.  She also has raised a wonderful, handsome and bright young son.  But, like my other siblings, that’s just not enough.  So along with continuing her small business, she went back to school and also received her BA and MA in Education.  She now specializes in ‘home school’ kids and is loved by her students.  Kathy also has many, many friends that love and support her.  I am so proud of her.

Of course there is now the ‘next generation’.  Most, if not all, of the ‘grand kids’ have already distinguished themselves by winning contests in athletics and academics.  “Go kids, go”, we are all very proud of you!

I know I have left out many details of all the accomplishments of my siblings, but what I write is from the heart.  My only regret is that over the last 6 years I have been away and have not had the pleasure to see them all; their husbands/wife; and kids grow and change.  But to them all and to my parents, I feel so happy and lucky to be a Briscoe!

Updates:  Still working (hard) at Wall Street Institute.  We are going 'great guns' here.  We now have FIVE teacher and about 600 students.  I put together our 4th of July Party earlier this month.  We sang the National Anthem AND "America the Beautiful" and then discussed them.  EVERYONE thought that "America The Beautiful" was the better song.   We read the "Declaration of Independence" and the "Constitution".  I recommend that EVERY US citizen reads both documents every 4th!  The Declaration is amazing.  It lists the reasons we declared our independence!  We also talked about a 'typical' day in the US on the 4th and what many people do (food, TV, and fireworks).  We ate some hot dogs & buns, potato salad, soda, and watermelon for desert!  It was a fun and educational 2 hours.

I bought a motorcycle last month and ride it to work everyday.  It's fun but I am VERY careful.  Luckily, my commute is short and not on any big roads!  It saves me 20-40 minutes each day!

My work as the Search Engine Optimization specialist at Wall Street is going well.  We now have our 10 search phrases appearing in the top 5 positions over 20 times!  It's a great little business that I can continue in Bali when I fully retire.

I'll be spending 10 days in Bali over the Idul Fitri holiday in early October.  It'll be very good to see Yanti, the kids, and rest and be quiet in Bali.  It's so noisy and smoggy here in Jakarta.

Yanti & I are planning a visit to LA and SF next Jan/Feb.  I have to have a HUGE garage sale to empty out my storage unit in Oakland; see all my friends and family; and (hopefully stop in Los Vegas and MAYBE a short cruise to Mexico)!!  More on that as our plans firm up!


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