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Stories of mine about Bali:
"Mexican Food & the Ducks"
"The Sounds of Bali"

National Geographic 'Traveler' mentioning me &
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  2002 Bali Kite Festival
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Tourists return to Bali!  I am seeing many more tourists on Bali over the last several months.

Next let me say: "It is very SAFE in Bali".  This local 'tragadi' was a very isolated incident.  Indonesia has now passed terrorism laws that will ensure that Bali (which is 98% Hindu) and all of Indonesia (which is 90% Muslim) will remain safe now and in the future.  If you were or are considering a visit to this beautiful island of Bali (The Island Of The Gods), please continue to make your plans.  The people of Bali are streaming to their Hindu temples and making extra offerings to ensure that this doesn't happen again.  They depend upon tourism and need you and your family or business group to come for a visit.  The Balinese are a very sweet, kind, gentle, and loving people; their culture is over 1,500 years old and is beautiful to observe.  So, please come and visit!


Click HERE for answers to specific questions I have received.

Click HERE to read a speech given by a Balinese concerning the healing process - Balinese Style.

At we take a very personal interest in your Bali vacation or business trip.  You are family to us.  We ARE the local insider you always wished you knew.  Why?  

  • Because we can help you find things.  We live here in Bali right now!  
  • Because we know how much things normally cost.  And how to best bargain here.
  • Because, we know, not only the best hotels in all the different areas of Bali, but we also know the BEST ROOMS at these hotels.  No more rooms overlooking the dumpster or next to the ice machine.  
  • Because we are photographers ourselves, we know the best time to be at the best spot for the perfect photographic opportunities/safaris!  
  • Because we dive ourselves, we know where the best snorkeling places are; where the best dive sites are; where the best surfing beaches are; and more - your interest is our interest!  
  • Because we love massages, facials, etc; we know the best massages on Bali; where the very best pedicure can be had; where to get your teeth cleaned and whitened; etc!  
  • Because we know the best drivers with the most comfortable cars that speak your language very well - no more "I wonder what that is!"; or "I think I'm sitting on a piece of wood with a nail in it"; or "how come he can't explain about his daily life on Bali because he doesn't speak well enough"; etc.  

We assist you to have the most incredible vacation/adventure you can imagine!

Click on the left on Our Services to see what we are up to and how we can help you:

  • have more fun
  • save some money
  • have NO stress!



Current Bali Date & Time

July 2002
Bali Kite Festival

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Mimpi Resort near Menjangan

Well, it's there somewhere above Australia and below Singapore...

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