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Stories of mine about Bali:
"Mexican Food & the Ducks"
"The Sounds of Bali"

National Geographic 'Traveler' mentioning me &
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  2002 Bali Kite Festival
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VR tour of my Ubud house.  
Just wait for the page to download, then scroll left, right, up, and down.  While scrolling, hold the SPACE bar down to see BULLS-EYEs.  These are hot spots, so you can enter thru a door, go up stairs, etc - just click on them!


A beautiful house on the Sayan ridge, just west of Ubud

The beautiful Mimpi Resort & Spa on the western tip of Bali

Overlooking Sideman

From the 62nd floor overlooking Singapore

Near Tirtagganga

Another one near Tirtagganga

Thanks to Jim Pire for stitching my photos together.  And for taking the pictures of my house and creating the VR tour!


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