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June 2004


Here is a great link for info about China Visa for anyone thinking about a visit:

Yanti's Chinese teacher (Handsome Huang) took us for a visit to the beautiful city of Suzhou.  It is a much larger city than Nantong with an extensive shopping area.  The highlight of the trip though, was a visit to a silk museum!  I had no idea!  These little 'worms' eat leaves and then 'weave' a cocoon that is eventually spun into silk!  Who knew!  We learned that depending upon what they ate will determine the type of silk produced.

Here's a page I put together with a few photos of the process.  Note the size of the 'worm'!

Well we're all ready for our move to Shanghai.  This week is my last week of classes here at Nantong Middle School No.1!  And yes, I'm a little sad.  Yanti and I have made so many friends here that it is tough to consider losing them.  However, our new apartment in Shanghai will have 2 full bedrooms so we have invited many to come visit.  After all it's only about a 2 hour ferry ride or a 3 hour bus ride!

Wednesday the school is putting on a huge banquet luncheon for Yanti & I!  We'll get a chance to formally thank everyone here for making us feel so at home and welcome.  It has truly been a great experience.

But, onto newer and different experiences in the incredible city of Shanghai!  We'll be living about 15 minutes from where I'll be working.  (3 Metro stops).  My school is located in the JinMao Tower which holds the Shanghai Grand Hyatt and is over 90 stories tall.  Yanti and I had drinks there when we visited on her birthday!  It's also very close to Carrefour, which is like Costco in the US, so you know how happy that makes me :-) 



We both still want to see more of China.  With the new job, I'll get yearly vacation.  We want to travel by train to Beijing to see the sites; Xi'an to see the terra cotta soldiers; and down to the Hong Kong area to see it.

We both want to return to California in the middle of December to help celebrate my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary.  The entire family of 5 children, 8 grand-children, and 2 great grand-children will be taking a cruise to Mexico to celebrate!  Then Yanti & I will head to Las Vegas to be married in the United States.  No real reason for us to do this, but itíll be fun just the same.  How many of you were married in Vegas by Elvis?  Then back to San Francisco for News Years Eve and more celebrating! 

We look forward to seeing everyone!

.....Stay tuned!


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