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Dr.Leonardi is the author of many books. He has traveled around the world. His books mirror his eclectic experiences.

Mission Trips -     Summer June 20 --- July 7, 2009

                                           Winter    Dec. 21, 2009 - Jan. 6, 2010

To the Mystical Land of


There is a chiropractic mission trip that will be occurring this summer and also again this winter (2009).

 This is a real chiropractic mission trip. It is not for everyone and it will be challenging.

The place is an Ayruvedic healing retreat center and also they do a meditation there known as Agnihotra. It is a very simple but powerful fire ceremony. You will be invited to participate if you wish but no one will solicit you in any way. It will be there if you want.  Here are the basics 

1.  The place is in the middle of the desert about 1 hour away by car from Sholapur, a very small town in the district of Maharashtra;  
2.  The center will provide all our meals and they will be just basic rice and a few veggis, no meat or sweets etc.;
3.  There is NOTHING around us to go to;   no restaurants;  sight-seeing; , no shopping; just a very small Indian village a few miles away;
4.  There is no smoking anyplace inside, outside or around the center;
5.  It will be hot and I mean very hot every day and night -----100 degrees sometimes;
6.  There is no running water at all, just a little in the all cold bathroom shower and sink;
7.  There will more mosquitoes then you ever imagined on earth;
8.  No sex (even if married), drugs, or alcohol;  and
9.  Two, three, or possibly four people to a small room maybe on small cots or on padding on the floor.

I am intentionally painting a very hard, rough trip because I do not want anyone coming to me and complaining  about anything.  The conditions are harsh and this is a real chiropractic mission trip.

10.  No knee chest, drops, activators, scopes, etc.    Nothing is allowed but your hands.  You will know after this trip that you can go anyplace in the world and help people with just your mind, your heart, and your hands. You will experience the healing power in your hands.  You are the one who invites the healing to begin.  You will see it as you have never imagined before.


This is the one positive and most important and powerful thing .... the people.

There will be thousands and the line will never end.  Every time you adjust one, three more people will arrive.  Some will come from the nearby towns and villages. Others will come from places that are hours and even days away.  A very few will come by car, others by bus, many will come by bicycle and others will walk.  Some will walk for hours to come to receive chiropractic care and they will sleep on the ground and wait until you return in the morning, and not leave until they see you.

 You will see everything under the sun. They will come with canes, with wheel chairs and even be carried in. They will come with grade 3 spondolys, full blow ankelosing spondesolsis, epilepsy, and things you never even saw or heard of and with this you will see healings that will be called miracles, like the girl who was deaf and regained her hearing  (the Harvey Lillard of India) or the 8 year old who got his voice back or the baby who was 3 years old and could not walk,   could not even crawl, his whole life from birth, and after 3 visit was running,   not just walking but running    Yes, under your own hands you will experience the GREATNESS OF CHIROPRACTIC in a way that is beyond words.

You will fly into Mumbai, India  and be met at the airport by me or someone from the center. From there you will be transported to the center which is 10 hours away by car or train. You will be warmly received by everyone thatís there and given a room and a place to stay. If you come with friends you can stay together but I would suggest you stay with people you have not met yet to learn more about what they do chiropracticly. From then on it is just work and it will be far more demanding  psychologically than physically and physically it will be exhausting. We are trying to get the clinic to remain open 24 hours a day but we are not certain if this will happen as of this writing. You will determine your own working hours but be prepared to adjust people, as I said the line will never end.

 The official dates are June 20 --- July 7 but you can come earlier and stay later or even less if you need. Whatever fits your needs I will accommodate.  The price is the same for everyone regardless of the length of time and this money covers all the expenses for the transport, room, food, translators, ticket takers, tents, etc. the price is US$1,250 and it covers everything as stated above. A deposit of US$250 is due now with the balance do before April 30 .

 You can bring a guest that is not a chiropractor and they can receive a discount of US$250.

 Please be prepared to be very, very flexible on this journey, pack light, bring your tables, get your visa and when you fill out your forms you are coming as a tourist  when you come through customs if they ask you what you are carrying  tell them it is a cot to sleep on  please do not try to tell them or explain to them about chiropractic or the work you will be doing. They will not understand and you may be detained. Please trust me on this and do as I request.

   Any questions or information or just anything contact me directly at

 I am sorry I do not have a cell number as I am traveling out of the country but if you wish send me your number and I will gladly call you.  In case of an emergency call  Mr. Gopi 9850048183 (cell), he is our special contact from the ashram.

 For those of you that desire the adventure of a lifetime I promise you this experience will touch you physically, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually on every level.

 Looking forward to seeing you soon.



Mission Trip - Bali - Summer June 20 - July 7, 2010

"The Island Of The Gods"

Overlooking Candidasa
by B.Briscoe

Christmas 2003 group

The 'Mother' Temple at Besakih
by B.Briscoe

Night in Candidasa


Balinese Dancers
by B.Briscoe


World Class Rafting in Bali

The Water Palace in Tirtagangga
by B.Briscoe



Rice Paddies
by B.Briscoe

Journey to an exotic, enchanting and exciting world and come to Bali for the best mission trip ever.

Bali is a small island in Indonesia that has become one of the greatest international tourist destinations in the world. There is something here that captures the hearts and souls of visitors when they come to this magical island paradise.

In fact, Baliís international reputation from people who have visited it is that of a tropical paradise. Bali has it all: beautiful beaches, giant rainforests, trekking into one of the largest volcanoes in the world, world class surfing and scuba diving and snorkeling plus some wonderful white water rafting, horseback riding from forests to the beaches, magnificent ancient temples, unique culture, super food, and restaurants, dynamite night life and the list just goes on and on but the second best thing in all of this is the shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Whatís number one?

Thatís what makes this ďmission tripĒ the best ever: itís the people.

The people of Bali are the most wonderful, fantastic, happy, and gentle people you will ever meet and they are ready for chiropractic!

With the Bali experience you will improve your adjusting skills and realize that you are a real doctor. Even under the short time you are there, you will see people heal under your own hands.

There is no better way to learn about chiropractic than by adjusting people.

No seminars, no conferences, nothing, absolutely nothing can prepare you better to become a doctor of chiropractic than adjusting hundreds and hundreds of people on a ďmission tripĒ.

This Bali experience will touch you on every level: professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Come to Bali on the this trip and spread the greatness of chiropractic around the world.

Thank you.

Dr. Leonardi

This next mission trip to Bali will be June 23 - July 12, 2008.

You can come earlier or stay later but you will be responsible for your own extra expenses.

The trip will include transportation from and to the airport in Bali.

Hotel - (maybe air conditioning, hot water, phone or television in room but maybe not) this is not a major hotel, there are none in this small coastal village but computers and e-mails are easily available.  Two people to a room unless a single is requested.

2 meals a day (vegetarian).

The main adjusting site is the Mahatma Gangi Retreat Center, Candidasa, Bali.

It is located on the beach and so is the adjusting place itself.

There is a clinic and then an open air pavilion right on the water.  It is a simple and beautiful place.

The phone and fax number are (62-363)  41108 there.

So everything is included plus more.

You just pay for whatever touring and shopping you want to do.

Come and meet students and doctors from all over America and create one of the greatest moments in you entire life.

And I promise you it will be one of the greatest times you will ever have: professionally, personally, and spiritually.

 Common questions:

  • What should I pack?  Pack light, very light Ė please. Itís the tropics but no tank-tops or short shorts. Bathing suits for the beach and pool only.

  • What tools should I bring? Bring your portable adjusting table

  • Do I need any special shots before arriving? Vaccinations are not needed

  • Do I need a passport? Passports valid for 6 months or longer from your arrival date

  • Do I need a visa? Your Visa is obtainable upon arrival and is good for 30 days at a cost of US25.

  • Can I stay longer? Yes you can stay longer if you want but you will be responsible for additional expenses (e.g.. maybe plane ticket change, etc.)

  • What about my wife/husband or friends? Spouses or guests are usually welcome to come

  • Any other requirements? The only real requirement to come is that you must spend time in the clinic.

  • Other questions? Anything else just e-mail me.

The price for this wonderful opportunity is US$1,250 (a US$200 discount for spouses or guests is available); plus airfare and any students that become representatives for me will receive a discount or possibly even a free trip, for this you must contact me personally at

(Note: All American visitors to Indonesia need to obtain a visa.  You can easily apply for a visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and other major US cities or at the airport in Indonesia upon arrival.  It's very easy and quick to do it all in Bali when you arrive.  The price of the Visa for Indonesia is US$25 and be sure to fill out the form there as a 'tourist'.)


Young Dancer
by B.Briscoe

At Ashram in Candidasa


by B.Briscoe

Happy Mom & Baby


Colorful Beach Shack
by B.Briscoe


Poster in Ashram

4 Dancers in a row
by B.Briscoe



Mission Trip - Peru                              Walking in Machu Picchu

"The Holy City of the Incas"
                                             "The Lost City"



  In the city of Cusco, Peru, a  chiropractic  mission trip was organized by Dr. William Black and Dr. Paul Alfalfa

    A team of 13 young Chiropractors studying at the 'Life Chiropractic College' headed by Dr. Louis Leonardi had come to Peru to meet Drs. Black and Alfalfa . This group of Chiropractors was full of dedication and feeling of service to the needy, poor and diseased. In the first 3 days more than three thousand patients were adjusted. 

    These mission trips have become extremely successful with many students from almost every chiropractic college in the country.

These missions trips to Peru happen on a irregular basis during the month of March and September, but not restricted to that time frame.   The schedule depends upon students desires.



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