Gado-Gado Salad

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3 Oz bean sprouts

3 Oz chopped spinich

3 Oz. cut beans or asparagus

3 Oz. cubed & cooked potato

3 Oz. flowerettes broccoli

3 Oz. flowerettes cauliflower

3 Oz. chopped cabbage(red)

3 Oz. sliced carrot

3 Oz. snow peas

3 Oz. cut cucumber

3 Oz. cut tomatoe wedges

3 Oz. cut tofu (dry kind)

3 Oz. sliced Tempe, fried

3 hard-boiled egg

3 Oz. fried Krupuk (shrimp crackers)

Prep veggies by boiling, steaming, or raw. Slice into bite size pieces.
Arrange on a platter in layers or mixed.
Top with fried tempe, tofu, and eggs; pour over the peanut sauce.
Top with krupuk and garnish with tomatoe and cucumber.
(may be served hot ot cold).

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